Steve Coffey & The Lokels

Established and highly acclaimed Canadian recording artists Steve Coffey & The Lokels produce music which the media describe as "poignant and striking". In truth it is even more emotive and powerful than this, expertly capturing distinctive echoes of legends past. The contribution to Artists for Schapelle is simply outstanding.


This folk ballad, simply titled Missing, is stunning - hauntingly reminiscent of Dylan at his best and delivered with verve and genuine emotion. It captures the pain of longing which Schapelle's family must feel, and reminds us of the day to day suffering of a family broken.


Time is closing in
Pressing down on my chest
time thats closing in
a few cherished moments from the past
My eyes are stinging red
Each hour buries me
Your picture is flooding through my head
Your loves still teaching me to see

So I hope you can find your way back
From whichever road you left
I hope you can find your way back
For a lifetime to laugh

There's a number next to our phone
That I've dialed a thousand times
All I hear is the same old tone
No sightings, no sign.


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