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             ABOUT US
We are just like you. One day we clicked on an internet link which took us to a website covering Schapelle's story. It was horrific. But probably like you, we didn't want to believe it. We wanted to believe that somehow she deserved it and that there was some justice in play, we wanted to believe that it wasn't true, we wanted to believe that it would be ok, and that someone would sort it out.

But the more we dug, the worse it became. The more research we did to uncover the real facts, the more we saw the abuse, misuse, corruption, and the brutal shocking cruelty. The more we looked into the history, the more clear it became that no-one was going to suddenly appear and save her. She had been dispensed with.

It was clear that all she had was people just like us.... real people in the world who won't just stand my and see someone being slowly destroyed for political expediency. We couldn't walk away.

So we started to do whatever who could. We tried to stretch the hand of integrity and compassion across the waters, by whatever means we could: telling friends, writing letters, writing blogs, websites, videos, petitions, protests, anything at all that might help (there is a list of thing to do here). And now, the music.


The story of Artists for Schapelle   began when Al Wilson sent his Destination Paradise DVD to Schapelle.Net in the UK. The video was uploaded and the music section of that website (Artists for Schapelle) was born.

The initiative really gathered pace though in December 2008, when Tara Hack emailed her incredible Tidak Bersalah, I'm Not Guilty. Immediately it was obvious that the scope for music to help and influence was not constrained by genre, or nationality, or indeed by anything. Music was beginning to talk, and it had spoken its first words.

The momentum continued to increase, as more artists learned about Schapelle and wanted to help. The voice of music was getting louder.

We have now reached the point at which a new platform is needed to showcase the work of these tremendous artists. The Artists for Schapelle website was launched in June 2009. However, it is a live, expanding, evolving project. We hope to add more facilities, more features... but above all, more MUSIC and more ARTISTS. We hope that music can speak louder and louder, until it is shouting clearly at the politicans: FREE SCHAPELLE, NOW!