Schapelle Corby is an innocent Australian woman, who has endured years of cruelty and suffering in the squalor of an Indonesian prison cell. She was sentenced to a political 20 years for importing a few pounds of marijuana, which to her horror she discovered in her bag on arrival. There followed the most shocking of show trials and human rights abuses. Incredibly, she has been deserted by her government for political expediency, and is now in poor health. Please see the film on the right.

Artists for Schapelle was created to help draw the world's attention to the human rights abuses, and the injustice which Schapelle has suffered. It showcases music donated by artists with compassion, soul and insight: artists who are not prepared to simply walk away and leave her to suffer, and possibly die.

We hope that you will enjoy the wonderful music of these outstanding artists. Please also feel free to download the MP3s, pass them to your friends/relations, and tell them and about Schapelle. Music can talk.

For more information on Schapelle, please visit the Schapelle Corby FAQ on the Schapelle.Net support site. Please don't walk away...



Tara Hack   [INDIE-POP]
The Wizard Down Under

This is an epic protest song by any measure, directly confronting Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd with the facts.
Sex in the Desert   [ROCK]
Eyes Wired Shut.

Bursting with passion and simmering anger, Eyes Wired Shut is an incredibly powerful classic rock production.
Holly Wilson   [BLUES, POP]
When You Tried To Tell The World.

This is an absolutely beautiful ballad, torn from the soul to express the hurt and injustice of Schapelle's ongoing nightmare.
Cold Chivas   [HIP HOP, RAP]

This compelling and wonderfully put together hip-hop rap spells out a number of truths, re-enforced by a striking video.
Vanessa Lea & Road Train  [ACOUSTIC, FOLK ROCK, COUNTRY]
Be Brave (Schapelle).

This lovely track touches upon the terror Schapelle felt when facing the show court, and attempts to impart strength to endure.
Steve Coffey & The Lokels  [FOLK]

This striking ballad captures the pain of longing which Schapelle's family must feel, reminding us of the daily suffering of a broken family.
Blackfeather  [PROG ROCK]
Seasons Of Pain.

This is an all time classic rock track, dedicated to Schapelle by John Robinson, founder of Blackfeather.



Tara Hack

Sex in the Desert

Holly Wilson

Cold Chivas


Classical Collective

Vanessa Lea & Road Train


Al Wilson

Steve Coffey & The Lokels

Paul Webster

Gary Davies

Peter Reynolds

Chris Cox

Julia Dowler

Jason Taylor


Kelly Newton-Wordsworth