Jason Taylor

Jason is a long term supporter of Schapelle, and as an experienced heavy metal performer, has contributed Artists for Schapelle's   very first heavy metal track, RIP Justice.


This track directly confronts many of those who have used, abused and betrayed Schapelle over the years.


   RIP Justice
An innocent Victim. Locked away.
For a crime. she didn't commit.
Investigation. Only half complete.
Butcher the truth. destroy the proof.
Lock her away. Nothing more to say.
Never stood a chance against the Hanging Judge.

Evidence is not evidence.
Don't bother me with evidence.
What happened in Australia is not evidence.
Here to Convict
Only here to convict.
500 Convictions.
No Acquittals
No DNA test.
No Justice.

Let her rot. Let her waste away.
That is what the people say.
Evidence to clear. Access Denied.
Freedom and basic rights.
All but stripped away.
Must respect the courts decision.
Despite the court's lack of vision.


You make a fortune from her plight.
How can you say that this is right?
Lock her away nothing more to say.
Butcher the truth and destroy the proof.
Life and Death is just a game.
And you my friend have got no shame.