JBishopII is a multi-talented artist from Texas, USA, who has generously donated a series of hugely impressive tracks to support Schapelle in her struggle for survival and freedom.


This spoken word track features the animated vocals of Barack Obama and Gordon Brown. It tells the story of Schapelle, from landing in Bali as an innocent young woman, to the shameful sale of her human rights by her own government.


   Shame of Nations
BARACK OBAMA: Hello. I am Barack Obama
GORDON BROWN And I am Gordon Brown.
BARACK OBAMA: We are going to tell you the true story of Schapelle Corby.
BARACK OBAMA: The innocent victim of corruption and politics.

GORDON BROWN October 2004.
GORDON BROWN Corruption in Indonesia is endemic.
GORDON BROWN War on drugs funding is attractive.
BARACK OBAMA: Schapelle lands for a holiday in Bali. She is terrified to find some marijuana in her bag. She is arrested and illegally interrogated for 9 hours.
GORDON BROWN They refuse to weigh her luggage. If it was heavier than in Australia, they would be forced to release her. They simply refuse to weigh it.
BARACK OBAMA: The value of drugs in Indonesia is much lower than in Australia. There is no motive.
GORDON BROWN And then the terrible show trial. The judge had never acquitted anyone in over 500 cases.
BARACK OBAMA: They REFUSED to test the marijuana for country of origin. If it was Indonesian, she must be acquitted and freed.
GORDON BROWN They REFUSED to check the drugs for fingerprints or DNA.
BARACK OBAMA: They BURNED the evidence so that it can never be used to free her. They burned the evidence with her begging them not to.
GORDON BROWN They talked about sending a warning to other Australians, a clear political intervention.
BARACK OBAMA: They refused to retrieve the CC TV tapes from the airport.
GORDON BROWN They refused to let her cross examine or question customs officers.
BARACK OBAMA: Schapelle didn't have a chance. She simply didn't have a trial.
GORDON BROWN They sentenced her to a barbaric 20 YEARS in the living hell of an Indonesian prison cell. More than murderers, terrorists and rapists. A clear political sentence. A systematic abuse of human rights.
BARACK OBAMA: They condemned her to miss the best years of her life. To never have kids.
GORDON BROWN To never see them play, and to possibly die there.
BARACK OBAMA: She is still there today.

GORDON BROWN But back in Australia.
BARACK OBAMA: The Australian Government value their strategic relationship with Indonesia more than Schapelle Corby. The bottom line. The Australian Government sold Schapelle Corby's human rights for political expediency.
GORDON BROWN They chose appeasement. They chose politics ahead of people.
BARACK OBAMA: They turned a blind eye.
GORDON BROWN Schapelle Corby is a working class girl, and not one of the establishments.
BARACK OBAMA: She is despensible to them.
GORDON BROWN They simply used the organs of state, and sections of the media, to subdue public opinion. The state owned ABC network orchestrated it.
BARACK OBAMA: Little by little.
GORDON BROWN Bit by bit.
BARACK OBAMA: They have simply abandoned her.

GORDON BROWN After all these years she is still there. Alone. And struggling to survive.
BARACK OBAMA: Schapelle Corby needs real people like you to speak for her. Schapelle Corby needs you.
GORDON BROWN Please help free Schapelle. Please don't walk away.
BARACK OBAMA: Please help free Schapelle Corby now.
GORDON BROWN Schapelle is only just hanging on. Please help her....