Schapelle Corby is an Australian woman who, when she landed in Bali (Indonesia) in 2004, found 4kg of marijuana in her bag. Her life ended at that point: - she was illegally interrogated for 9 hours
- they refused to weigh her luggage: if it was 4kg heavier than when she left Oz, they would have had to release her
- they refused to test the drugs for country of origin: if they were Indonesian again they would have had to release her
- they refused to DNA or fingerprint the evidence, despite her pleas to do so
- they then burned the evidence so it could never be used to free her
- they refused to collect CCTV footage from the airport
- they refused to let her lawyer question customs officers
- they appointed a judge who had never acquitted anyone in 500 drug cases
- they basically abused her human rights throughout.
She never had a chance. She never had a trial.

They then sentenced her to a barbaric 20 years in a squalid overcrowded oppressive cell, more than murderers, terrorists and rapists usually expect.

It is foul international politics: a political sentence. A regime seeking war on drugs funding now had a marijuana importation case to use.

The Australian government? More foul politics. To them, the strategic relationship with Indonesia was far more important than Schapelle Corby's human rights. After an initial fuss, they set about a process of appeasement, and used the Australian media to subdue public opinion. They have deserted her.

All these years later, and she is still there, struggling to survive each day. After all this time, her health is now failing her too, and she has serious medical problems.

Schapelle only has us left: REAL people from across the world who discover this horrific nightmare and won't walk away and leave her. But she now also has music. She has a growing number of wonderful artists, who are producing some of the most extraordinary music for her.

Music is starting to speak for her, and hopefully you will be part of this. Listen to the music, watch the videos... tell your friends and relations, download and pass on the MP3s, ask radio stations to play them... help the music spread the word about Schapelle.

Schapelle needs the world to act. She needs people across nations to act.... she needs you.

Please don't walk away.

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